Working with the Best So Your Space Works for You

When designing spaces, Colo-Resources works directly with your site managers to create configurations unique to your current space and with an eye towards future expansion. Our preferred manufacturers offer well-known product lines with strong track records that can be modified to customer specifications. Many also offer innovative solutions that solve critical problems for our customers and help keep customer data safe and secure, enabling us to respond to customer needs quickly and efficiently.

Metal Products

Colo-Resources specializes in the custom design and production of metal products that are often used in data centers to meet a company’s seismic needs, such as brackets for cabinet anchoring, or other functionality requirements, like multi tablet/laptop holders within the storage space.

Prevent injuries and equipment loss by ensuring that your building is up to code. Some cabinets can weigh as much as three thousand pounds and contain millions of dollars worth of equipment. If you’re retrofitting a building, seismic brackets are designed to anchor cabinets and prevent them from shaking. In particular, the higher levels of a structure sway more during an earthquake, making them especially vulnerable to seismic activity.

Colo-Resources is based in California, a state that’s known for having some of the nation’s strictest seismic requirements. Working alongside approved structural engineers, Colo-Resources is able to provide a turnkey approach to products that ensures the safety of both your equipment and your employees.

metal pro
sliding door

Door Closers

In addition to keeping data drives physically safe and secure, the importance of preventing exposure to atmospheric changes cannot be overstated. That is why we partner with a top-of-the-line containment manufacturer to handle this critical component. Solutions are customizable and can be field modified.

– SLIDEback sliding door closers
– Hot aisle containment
– Cold aisle containment
– Incorporate containment

Tacky Mat

According to a recent study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the coronavirus can survive on shoes and other surface areas, like floors. One scientifically proven way to help keep germs out of your building is to invest in tacky mats. Made of an antimicrobial adhesive film, Purus EnviroTack™ Mats capture over 99% of debris and germs, preventing contaminants from entering your cleanroom.* This stickiness removes harmful impurities from shoes and equipment wheels, making them the perfect choice for hospitals, as well as other environments that require extra safety precautions.

tasky mat
floor tiles new

Floor Tiles

Floor tiles, also known as access floors, are needed in any raised floor environment to help control the room’s temperature and provide cabling access. This extra elevation creates a 2-3 foot gap between the platform and the ground. Often seen in tech rooms, access floors allow airflow to cool sensitive equipment. It’s also possible to hang a basket trap underneath floor tiles to hide loose cables. Colo-Resources offers new and used access floor tiles to cut down on costs. Both options are available in a variety of finishes.

To learn more about our exclusive manufacturers and their product lines.

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