We Design and Build with Growth in Mind

Client-Focused Services

Here are some of the services we provide to colocation centers and corporate IT managers

Client-Focused Services

  • Colocation centers
  • Redesign and reconfiguration
  • Installation and re-organization
  • Custom upgrade and expansion plans
  • Evaluation of site- specific logistical issues
  • Vertical expansion options
  • New-to-market product lines
  • Ongoing consulting regarding expansion, upgrading, reorganizing

Corporate IT Departments

  • Evaluate and design existing space for growth
  • Original space design for new sites
  • Identifying colocation growth partners
  • Determining if in-house or colocation is the right place
  • Data center growth and relocation consulting


A space is never ‘just’ a space when it comes to data center configurations. It is an ever evolving set up that should be designed with re-design in mind so it continues to meet the ongoing needs of clients over time. A multitude of factors are considered to ensure the final design protects equipment that is central to the operations of any business. Lighting, air quality, temperature, cabling and connectors, structural challenges and colocation site requirements are unique to every project. Colo-Resources takes time to evaluate all product lines while collaborating with businesses and colocation management teams to ensure these factors are considered in the final design. Check out our product partners and exclusive lines here.



Along with increasing infrastructure needs come expansion headaches. Colo-Resources works with you to evaluate your current state and the possibilities for expansion. Sometimes it’s possible to create new space in-house. Sometimes it’s necessary to consider transitioning to a colocation facility. Whatever the scenario, we’ve seen it and overcome it. We’ve also seen a number of ‘MacGyver’-style configurations, so include continuity planning for transitioning to industry standard configurations when necessary.

The teams at Colo-Resources are comprised of designers, engineers, and electrical professionals all experienced in cabling, power, design and project management for large storage facility operations.

Managed Services

Colo-Resources may initially be called in to configure a space for a client, but ensuing trouble-shooting discussions about the entire facility often lead us to investigate the issues and recommend solutions that result in more efficient and safe operations. We also provide ongoing maintenance and services. After installation, we handle ongoing services- expansion, upgrading, reorganizing to add more servers, and new rack and stack- taking equipment and cabling it all up. Beyond installation, it is not unusual for our teams to circle back for expansion consultations, or when they hear of innovative products coming to market.

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