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Since most of the industries in Taiwan are small to medium enterprises, almost all the production processes are fulfilled by different individual process contractors. Therefore, the success of customized hardware manufacturing depends on whether the company provides the OEM services.  At Colo-Resources, we have the partnership, coordination, integration capabilities, and experience to assist you in ensuring the highest quality control is met from beginning to end (development, packing, and delivery).  Please feel free to contact us. We are capable of evaluating your needs, providing suggestions, and testing as needed. Below are some of the OEM projects:

Luxury Brands' From Design to Packaging

There are multiple steps to each customized hardware order, and each of them may be with a unique provider.

The Process Involved

Extrusion-Aluminum → CNC Lathe → Stamping → Threading Tapping → Laser Carve → Polishing → Anodizing → Fasteners → Coil springs → Assembling → Packing

Storm Door Closer Development

The Process Involved

Co-development → Plastic Injection → Plastic Welding → Plastic Lathe → Rubber Compression molding → Metal Stamping → Fasteners → Springs → Non-Woven Fabric → Assembling → Various Blister-Board Packing → Various Testing under High & Low Temperatures, Compression, Maximum Pulling, Dropping, Cycles, Force, Bending.

AluminART Storm Door Handle Lock Set

The Process Involved

Die-Casting → Plastic Injection → Metal Stamping → Plating Finish → Assembling → Packing

Sliding Door Handle Sets

The Process Involved

Coordination of 12 different contractors → Forging Brass → Die-Casting → Plastic Injection → Metal Stamping → Polishing → Fasteners → Lock cylinders / Foam gasket → Styrofoam → Plating & Powder Coating → Assembling → Packing

Digital Safe Boxes’ Gear Motor and Electrical Connecting

The Process Involved

CNC turning → Plastic Injection → Die-Casting → Circuit Connection → Assembling → Packing

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