Relocating a Data Center

Are you relocating a data center? Data center migrations are quite common but complex, involving relocating different types of software, hardware, and all their interdependencies. It’s not just about moving the servers and plugging them in at a new location. We also need to think about how we’re securing and storing all of this equipment. Relocations will invariably introduce challenges. If not handled properly, costly equipment can be damaged and critical systems can remain offline for weeks.

To ensure you’re successful in relocating your data center, make sure you follow these tips.

Define the Scope of the Relocation

To fully understand the demands that relocation will place on your business’ resources, make sure to define the scope of the mitigation in the early stages of the planning process. Expanding an existing site versus building an entirely new location involve two different approaches. Furthermore, you should also consider the lifecycle of the equipment. You’ll need to ensure that your new data center can accommodate future updates to the server hardware in order to improve the longevity and performance of your data center systems.

Determine the Right Location

Make sure to analyze the size, power, and security requirements of the new location as well. It’s important to ensure the new site leaves room for growth.

Security measures should also not be downplayed. Relocating a data center can be a security risk. With that in mind, assess things like fences, locks, or badging systems to identify if any additional measures are needed to meet high security standards.

Assign a Skilled Project Manager

The most critical role in data center relocation is that of the project manager. Ideally, they should be an experienced individual, so if you don’t already have such a person on your staff, you may need to hire someone specifically to fill this temporary position. Relocating a data center is complex work and you may even need to have several sub-project managers.

Choose the Right Migration Method

Depending on your situation, there are a few methods of migration you can choose from, but a lift and shift strategy is often used to copy data and move it from one IT environment to another, usually via the Cloud. It’s also referred to as “rehosting,” and tends to be fast as well as affordable.

Perform Trial Runs

Perform trial runs before relocating a data center. Relocating priority applications usually involves migrating sensitive data. To avoid losing any information, the relocation process should involve backups and a detailed roll-back plan in case problems arise. Better safe than sorry! Perform a trial migration to test your method and eliminate any problems that could occur during live migration.

Help Relocating a Data Center

By taking these key steps to relocate your data center, you’re ensuring that you’ve done everything in your power to make the transition to a new location as smooth as possible. Careful planning, skilled staff, and rigorous execution will help you shift to a new location with minimum difficulty.

At Colo-Resources, we offer relocation consulting and help with data center growth. If you’d like more information, please contact us at (925) 261-4623.

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